Transforming India 2030:
Strategies for Sustainable Development Goals

15-17th February, 2017
Pune, India

Conference Overview

The next 15 years are going to be decisive for India if we are to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. In a highly globalised world, it is not feasible to have redistribution follow growth, and development must work its way from the bottom up. There is a need for a constructive approach to fortify both development and democracy, engaging citizen bodies, research institutes and varying levels of governance. By the means of this conference, the FOHSS, SIU seeks to address the issues and challenges that need to be addressed with respect to formulating strategies with respect to the varied SDGs and the way forward.



Day I: Track I:

Poverty & Inequality

Day I: Track II:

Education & Gender

Day I: Track III:

Sustainable Cities

Day II: Track IV:

Jobs and Growth

Day II: Track V:

Partnerships for the Goals

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