Transforming India 2030:
Strategies for Sustainable Development Goals

15-17th February, 2017
Pune, India

Day II: Track V

Day II - Track V: Partnership for the Goals

Interconnectedness and interdependence which are the dominant characteristics of the 21 st century find resonance in the internationally agreed-upon seventeenth sustainable development goal. The cornerstone of this goal is the multi-stakeholder process whereby governments, civil society and the private sector will come together and partner for the proper articulation and efficient implementation of the goals. Concerted efforts by partners at all levels- international, regional and national, is key to the achievement of the SDGs by 2030.

This track will therefore critically examine and analyze the targets set under SDG 17 and discuss the challenges and opportunities for their achievement by 2030. The track would also present an opportunity to discuss India’s position vis-à-vis the targets under this goal as well as propose a blueprint for the way forward both in terms of medium and long-term planning. As India looks to expand its global footprint, deliberations under this track could also examine the country’s role in development cooperation which would include amongst other mechanisms and frameworks, the North-South-South and South-South cooperation frameworks.

The sub-themes for discussions and papers related to this track include

  • Resource mobilization – domestic and through enhanced international support (to achieve the target of 0.7 per cent of ODA/GNI to developing countries, including debt financing and investment promotion)
  • Technology sharing and capacity building- enhance North-South, South-South and triangular regional cooperation (with respect to science, technology and innovation and enhanced knowledge sharing – ensuring environmentally sound technology dissemination and diffusion)
  • Rule based Trade Promotion (enhancing share of LDC’s exports by 2020)
  • Systemic issues (Policy and institutional coherence, Multi-stakeholder partnerships, Data, monitoring and accountability)